"Hyperbaric" Research dates back hundreds of years

“Hyperbaric” Research dates back hundreds of years

It is important to remember that hyperbaric medicine, and specifically hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a proven treatment modality. HBOT has been utilized in hospital settings by clinicians seeking to provide safe, non-invasive, and cutting edge therapy to patients around the world for over 30 years, and it is considered by many to be holistic therapy, since the only “drug” used during treatment is inspired oxygen.

However, despite our ability to administer safe treatment, and the documented benefits of hyperbaric oxygen for certain diseases and afflictions, there remains much to be done. HBOT is relatively “new” in the medical community, and because it resides so frequently in the sub-surgical specialty of wound care, many physicians are unaware or uninterested in advancing our field.

Like any science, hyperbaric medicine warrants further study and reputable research in order to expand the scope of indication for treatment, to better understand the processes at work when oxygen is administered under pressure, to quantify and publicize cases where HBOT is already established as a clinically appropriate and effective treatment.

LIHS employs and works alongside some of the top medical and scientific minds in the U.S., and we are familiar with the many needs of the hyperbaric community and the complex requirements necessary to conduct, document, and publish blinded, randomized control trials. We are prepared to partner with Research Institutes and Teaching Hospitals in order to conduct research with hyperbaric medicine. Further, we are involved in and hope to conduct unique hyperbaric oxygen safety research.