LIHS believes in long-lasting partnerships based on respect and support.

Active involvement in the communities we serve and work with is an essential component to fulfillment and success. To this end, LIHS encourages all of its employees to build long-term relationships with the hospitals we work alongside and communities we serve. We also encourage active membership in the professional societies and organizations that help to regulate, maintain, and inform our specialty.

Long Island Hyperbaric Services and its employees affiliate themselves with the following organizations to varying degrees.

  • Hospitals – LIHS maintains an affiliation through contractual service provision for HBOT at several NY Metro area hospitals. We additionally seek to uphold the standards and values of these facilities and partners alongside our own.
  • UHMS – The Directors of LIHS are all members of the UHMS, attending conferences and maintaining an awareness of the hyperbaric community through membership. Additionally, LIHS aims to achieve UHMS Facility Accreditation at its facilities, and has achieved such accreditation at Plainview Hospital.
  • NBDHMT – LIHS supports its nursing and chamber operator/administrative employees to, if qualified, apply for certification through the NBDHMT. LIHS recognizes the CHT/CHT-A, CHRN, ACHRN, CHRN-C, and DMT certifications among its employees and prospective candidates.
  • ASME – LIHS endorses and informs itself of the practices and concerns of the ASME. COO Mr. Michael Vidafar, BSc is an engineering member of the ASME, and Director of Safety and Education Mr. Michael A. Vidafar is an informational member with ASME PVHO-1 Certification.
  • ASTM – LIHS maintains membership to the ASTM for informational and reference purposes.
  • NFPA – LIHS recognizes the tremendous role the NFPA plays in the safe operation of hyperbaric facilities, and thus requires membership for all employees involved in facility safety. Additionally, we employ NFPA 99 Chapter 20 into our operational practice, policy, and procedure at all facilities.


DISCLAIMER: None of the organizations LIHS claims affiliation with have offered an explicit endorsement of the company, its employees, or its services.