Facility Management Solutions

There are three (3) basic models that LIHS and most reputable management companies use to create customized program management solutions.

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 MODEL 1: “Total” Facility Solution

  • LIHS manages the entire hyperbaric program and its related care (eg. wound care)
  • LIHS provides qualified and licensed nursing and chamber operating staff
  • LIHS ensures reimbursement and operational mandates are met at all times


MODEL 2: “Operational” Solution

  • LIHS provides hyperbaric chambers and chamber operators
  • LIHS advises Wound Care Department of Proper Regulations
  • LIHS ensures program health and recommends P.I. as needed


MODEL 3: “Advisory” Solution

  • LIHS performs site-visits to assess program
  • LIHS outlines deficiencies and areas of improvement
  • LIHS provides plan to meet facility goals


All of LIHS’s facility management solutions include additional facility services, including creation and customization of facility specific policy and procedures adhering to UHMS Guidelines, as well as NFPA 99 standards and other applicable code, administrative and clinical staff education, and more.