About Us

LIHS_6Long Island Hyperbaric Services began in 2002 when Peter A. Salzer, MD and Michael Vidafar, BSc. met through a mutual physician and decided to join their unique expertise to provide a much needed health care service to the Long Island community.

Both Mr. Vidafar and Dr. Salzer found in each other the embodiment of what became LIHS’s guiding philosophies: a drive for excellence and commitment to compassion, and a concern for the medical management of diseases and ailments that comprise one of the fastest growing medical specialty care services in the United States.

Our Mission is to providing management, consulting, and operational solutions to reputable health care professionals, facilities, and organizations in an effort to improve patient lives, save limbs, and foster safety through proven innovation, dedication, and expertise in service to local communities.

Our History:

LIHS has been partnering with hospitals in the N.Y. Metro area for over a decade. With a philosophy and foundation for success built from a belief in and dedication to the importance of patient care since 2002. Mr. Vidafar and Dr. Salzer were quickly able to form long-term partnerships with a diverse 350-bed teaching hospital located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. LIHS has managed and overseen  hyperbaric operations at this for over a decade, and  works alongside physicians in the provisioning of its chronic podiatric wound clinic.

In 2005, Long Island Hyperbaric Services began an ever-strengthening partnership with one of the largest not-for-profit secular health organization in the U.S., and has since expanded its role within that organization, providing wound care patients in Queens and Nassau County, at out-patient facilities which began operation in Valley Stream(2005) and Plainview, N.Y. (2007). With their success and continued growth, both hyperbaric programs continue to demonstrate NS-LIJ’s guiding philosophy of provisioning needed health service to our community, and to provide hope.

In 2009, because of exponential program growth, tremendous patient demand, and the stellar reputation of the practice, our Plainview facility expanded the wound care and hyperbaric facility, effectively doubling the size of the unit, and adding a fourth hyperbaric chamber to the unit in order to provision the much needed services of wound care and hyperbaric oxygen to communities in Eastern Nassau County.

In 2012, Long Island Hyperbaric Services led the out-patient based wound care and hyperbaric facility in Plainview through a successful facility accreditation survey by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society under the medical direction of Peter Salzer, MD Nurse Management of Hector Ortiz, RN and Safety Direction of Michael A Vidafar.

Additionally in 2013, Dr. Salzer became an official adjunctive faculty professor at Hofstra University’s School of Medicine, which is an affiliate of the North-Shore LIJ Health System. Dr. Salzer plans to use this teaching position to educate the next generation of physicians on the practice of HBO, further illustrating LIHS’s commitment to education.

Our Reputation:

ChambersideLIHS and its physicians have successfully overseen over 38,000 hyperbaric treatments, as well as over 50,000 wound care visits. Physicians and patients know our programs for our specialty-leading clinical outcomes and limb-salvage percentages, however, we pride ourselves not only on the help we provide, but on our success and dedication to safe practice over that time. Our staff are constantly undergoing safety related training in hyperbarics, and the physicians we work alongside have shown an equal enthusiasm for safety, education and outstanding practice.

Our Commitment:

LIHS and its staff are committed to some of the most important philosophies in health care, which include education, outreach, and research exploration. C.E.O. Peter Salzer, M.D. has lectured at Hofstra University’s School of Medicine, and Director of Community Outreach Dr. John Hoina, DPM seamlessly transitions our allies by providing podiatric residents from our Brooklyn-based hospital affiliate the opportunity to “rotate” at our Plainview affiliate, where they experience and practice first hand alongside Dr. Hoina at the wound care center, in the operating room, and on the hospital floor. Our company is committed to supporting ABPM-Board Certified Hyperbaric physicians as they pursue legitimate research and unlock the potential for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Our Philosophy:

Board Certified Physicians are an integral component of success at hyperbaric facilities.

LIHS C.E.O. Peter A Salzer, MD remains a practicing hyperbaric physician, and continues to provide unparalleled care and compassion to patients at our Plainview location.

We are a proud member of the Long Island community, and as such, contribute annually to the causes and people that all of us passionately support in our personal lives. Our staff and company strive to represent the collective spirit and character of New York, comprised of an efficient and nationally-recognized leadership role, as well as remarkable compassion. We are proud of our partnerships with area hospitals and for the help we have been able to provide our community. Both of these have provided us the opportunity to to lend our expertise and help manage a crucial component of health care in an uncertain environment.

Our slogan, Per Aspra ad Valetudinem, becomes the guiding medical and behavioral philosophy at all of our facilities. Literally translated, it means “Through hardship to health.”