ärztin steht in einer bibiliothek mit einem buchLIHS is committed to education, and understands the value of education in medicine.

As part of our management services, we provide educational opportunities for facilities and individuals interested in undersea/diving and hyperbaric medicine.

All of our educational services are available on-site for your convenience. Please contact us at education (at) lihs (dot) com for more information, or to receive a quote for and schedule educational services.



Our educational services include:

  • Facility Medical Lectures for Clinicians (MD/DO, NP, DPM, RN, LPN, PA, RT, EMT)
  • Facility Safety Lectures for Clinicians (MD/DO, NP, DPM, RN, LPN, PA, RT, EMT)
  • Hyperbaric Supervisor and Nurse Manager Training, emphasizing unique considerations for personnel, documentation, and reimbursement
  • Individual Introductory Seminars for Hyperbaric Team Members
  • Individual Advanced Seminars for Hyperbaric Team Leaders
  • Individual Safety Seminars for Hyperbaric Safety Directors and/or Hyperbaric Safety Committee Members
  • Reimbursement/Coding Education for Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care Services (Facility and Physician Reimbursement)
  • Hyperbaric Facility Policy and Procedure Education
  • Hyperbaric Program and Environment Education,¬† emphasizing program and facility design, maintenance, additional medical technologies, and additional considerations
  • “Start Up” Education for:
  1. Physicians
  2. Clinicians (RNs, Technicians)
  3. Ancillary Staff (Expeditor Staff, Environmental Personnel, Registrar Personnel, Non-Medical Staff)
  4. Support Staff (Billing/Coding Personnel, Hospital Safety Committee Members, Hospital Administrators, Adjunctive Medical, Podiatric, and Dental Physicians, Facility Engineers)
  5. Community Members (Patient Populations, Emergency Service Personnel, Area Fire Fighters, Neighboring Medical and Dental Professionals, etc.)


Additionally, LIHS plans to begin an official NBDHMT/UHMS Approved Introductory Course in 2014. Please check back or contact us at education (at) lihs (dot) com for more information.


-Michael A. Vidafar, CHT

Director of Education and Safety

Long Island Hyperbaric Services